Customer Reviews

June 2018-   General Contracting, Drywall, Flooring, Room Remodeling, Window Replacement, Home Remodeling, House Painting, Interior Painting, Door Installation, Foundation Repair

 This was a large and complex remodel/renovation project that involved a kitchen and dining area. This was a floor to ceiling do-over and required structural modifications to support it.

We could not be more pleased with the finished project. Howard Troyer and HT Builders did an amazing job for us.
The quality of their work is unbeatable. They are cost conscious, but they do not cut corners. They do the work the right way. No detail is too small. Howard and his team are great people. They are honest, fair, and always courteous. They are the kind of people that are a pleasure to work with, and you want to be around. They will not disappoint you. I highly recommend them.

January 2019-   Major Remodeling 

Howard Troyer and his team did a fantastic job. We wanted to redo a large part of our first floor by removing a wall, cutting back soffits, redoing ceiling, stair and loft railings, new baseboard, patio door, fireplace mantel and flooring, a large amount of painting and electrical, and second floor carpet. His team also installed several new kitchen appliances. He had 3 regular staff working full time for well over a month, plus various specialty contractors as needed.

Everyone who worked on our project was very hard working, trustworthy and reliable. Howard showed up very often to review progress and help us make various key decisions as work progressed and various issues arose. A very strong point in Howard's favor was his incredibly prompt response to all our phone calls, text messages and emails. We also employed an interior designer and Howard worked very well with her, with many great ideas resulting from their interaction. The end result of our project continues to amaze us every day. We would gladly utilize Howard and HT Builders again for any sort of home improvement projects.

January 2019- Room Remodel

Complete remodel of kitchen, adjacent living room and powder room. Custom kitchen cabinets, tile floor, sink and fixtures, fireplace and hearth updated, crown molding, ceilings and inset lighting, paint , new staircase.

This was a first time experience and it could not have gone better. The crew was great. Always on time, very friendly and got along great with my two nosey dachshunds. They always wanted feed back and were always open to hear suggestions or to answer questions. At jobs end, they seemed like old friends. Howard was always available for questions or if something needed special attention. I have a second floor project in mind, and H.T. Builders will be doing the job!

January 07, 2017- Adjusted garage support pole, leveled floor, inspected beams, replaced drywall.

I called H.T. Builders to get an estimate for work that I deemed to be urgent. Howard responded to my call within 30 minutes and had time that afternoon to do a site visit and evaluate the issue. The support pole in the garage was recently replaced after the old one had failed. The floor above was sagging and needed to be leveled. Howard got back to me the same day with the proposal and completed the work a week later. The support pole was adjusted to the correct height and the floor was leveled. They did a thorough inspection of in the garage attic and removed drywall in the garage to ensure there was no further damage. H.T. replaced the drywall and patched up the seams with spackle. I was very pleased with the responsiveness and the finished product. Howard was easy to work with and he was confident in remedying the problem.

September 22, 2015- Repaired/replaced two sets of outdoor wooden steps, re-built custom gate. 

Howard and his guys really were great to work with.  We had two sets of rotting steps that needed to be replaced, and a wooden gate that needed to be completely re-made from scratch.  Howard came right out to view the scope of work (within a few days of our call), he made some sketches, discussed the type of material we'd like to use, then got back to us with an estimate within another day or two.  They were out working within a couple of weeks.  The guys always showed up on time, didn't loaf around, and were really meticulous.  A problem was discovered with a part we were going to salvage, so they discussed with us on the spot along with estimation of updated cost.  They could have saved themselves some time and work by not bringing this up, but they did the right thing to make sure it was a solid job in the end.  And you get a responsible crew who is NOT going to do a half-way job, jack up costs, not show up, loaf around, or even trapse mud through your house.  These guys are much more high end than that.  I suppose HT builders might for some jobs cost a little more than others, but you really get rock solid quality from this group.  We'd use them again in a split second, without question. 

August 6, 2015- Leveled family room floor and laid down bamboo flooring with baseboards. 

Howard was great to work with.  The project was a little more than we had expected to pay but it was definitely worth it.  Howard and his team spent time to lay planks across the floor and laid a sub floor to level the existing floor.  This seemed to be the best way to go and it showed with the final result.  Howard's team did a great job laying the bamboo flooring which we purchased ahead of time.  The finished project looks great.  Howard took the time to explain the steps of the project and showed up promptly when he said he would.  I would definitely use H T Builders on future projects. 

March 5, 2015- The ceiling fell through in a few rooms. We hired them to put in 2 new ceilings in the bedrooms and redid the bathroom. Repaired the walls before the painters came and put up 2 ceiling fans. Put up crown molding and drywall.

We worked with Howard, who was very nice and very professional. He had 2 assistants that worked with him and they were good too. He always called if they couldn't make it on a certain day and never left us hanging in the wind.

November 17, 2014-  Remodeled master bathroom

We live in a 100+ year old farmhouse. Howard and his crew ripped out the bathroom to the studs and leveled floor and squared bowed walls. Employees removed jet tub, vanity, wainscoting, and shower and laid a new floor, hung new drywall and chair railing, upadated plumbing and electricity. He also solved unrelated problems that we found during demolition, including subsiding and insulation issues. Howard and his staff are courteous, on-time and kept me informed of progress and challenges. The bathroom turned out fantastic!

May 21, 2014-  Corrected high joist in kitchen

Luckily Howard was recommended to us by a company from Angie's List who was solidly booked. I called Howard to explain we needed the joist corrected before another contractor would lay new pergo flooring. He was able to come out within a few days to confirm if it could be fixed. It could! In less than a week, Howard and Neal arrived and were able to do the correction. When the flooring contractor came back to inspect to make sure it was corrected, he was impressed at what a nice job they did......I am so grateful that we were referred to Howard, and as other reviewers have said, Howard is a class act. Very dependable and professional, which is rare these days.We will certainly use Howard again, and I have already recommended him to friends.

I was very happy with the work. Howard and crew came out on time, were very pleasant to interact with, and did a beautiful job with my gutters. They take pride in their work and do it right the first time. Would definitely use them again. Howard is a very honest guy. These types of people are so hard to come by these days.

February 13, 2014-  Complete gut rehab of entire house

Words cannot describe how thrilled I am with Howard and his team. This was a VERY big renovation. Howard was on the job everyday with an additional 2-4 guys and runs a tight ship. He uses the same subs and helpers that he has used for many years and they all do excellent quality work and are the kind of people you trust with your belongings and your pets, children, etc. I had my 3 year old daughter with me on the job a fair amount of time and we never (NOT ONCE) heard a curse word...they were always sweet to her and Howard's son even played a game with rocks with her one day. They were there every day for 2.5 months and we were the only job they were working on. I never felt like there were delays because they had to be somewhere else they needed to be.

       I almost didn't go with Howard because his bid was not the lowest. It was the middle bid and I thought I might save costs by going with someone else. I viewed a kitchen in Muirfield that Howard had done and the owner RAVED about HT Builders and convinced me I would likely pay more with the other guy in the end. He said Howard sticks by his price and doesn't come up with a lot of surprise expenses and boy, was he right! I have no doubt in addition to doing some amazing work, HT Builders turned out to the best value. The quality of work is amazing. No detail was spared, no corners cut. They truly take pride in their workmanship. Howard is a true craftsman. In addition to all the other work he did for me, he built some beautiful shelving units for me that almost brought tears to my eyes. Truly beautiful.

       In summary, HT Builders/Howard Troyer did an amazing job on my complete house renovation. In the 2.5 months that we worked together, there was not one instance where I was upset with Howard or something that his subs did. The last time I did a gut rehab there were MANY bumps in the road, including one of the subs stole all my jewelry. This was smooth sailing from the get go. Without a doubt, the best decision you can make is to hire Howard. The results on my house were truly dramatic. I will try and return later to post pictures, but call him and ask to see his work. Better yet, come to my house. I will gladly show you around!

Had several companies out to look at work but none got back with estimates, HT Builders came in and said it was labor intensive and that's why the other companies didn't want to do it. They don't shy away from labor intensive work, very honest, told me if there any problems to give him a call. Had problem with a shelf and some tiling and came out and fixed it to my satisfaction. Just a wonderful company.

December 18, 2013

They did a great job. I would hire and will hire them again. You can't go wrong with this company.

July 17, 2013-  Installation of windows, patio fence, French doors, painted/repaired fencing

He is a very honest person. If he is unable to do the job himself he sends one of his workers that he trust to do the job. Last time he was over I asked him to check out my front door. In his opinion the door was solid and did not need to be replaced. Whenever I have had him do work he has came back to check the work for any errors. It is hard to find a worker that is this honest now-a-days. He is someone that I would question if I would have to pay anything up front.